• Introducing the iOpener

    iOpener allows you to open and close your Garage Door, Gate opener, or other selected devices from your Android Smartphone. iOpener is a small receiver that you connect to any low voltage device with a 2-wire control. The receiver connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology, allowing you to operate the device.

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  • Control your Garage Door with your Smart Phone!

    Existing transmitters and other control devices will continue to operate normally, iOpener adds a safe and more secure way of controlling your Garage Door, Gate opener, or other selected devices from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Watch the Installation video and see how easy it is to install and operate the iOpener!

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A High Tech Set of Features without the High Tech Complications

The iOpener is designed to be safe, secure, easy to install and easy to use.

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Installation is quick and easy, all you need is a screwdriver and an available power outlet. Connect iOpener to the 2-wire control on your devise, download the App and everything sets up automatically and quickly.

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iOpener comes complete with everything you need at an affordable price, just plug it into an existing power outlet, connect to your devise and download the app to your Smartphone and that’s it!

iOpener requires NO additional parts or routers and does NOT require a WiFi connection or recurring subscription. There are no batteries to replace!

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After set up change the PIN code to one of your own choice (4 – 16 digits). Up to 8 users, designated by you, can use each iOpener and are protected by the same pin that only you can give out. Change the pin any time to give added protection. iOpener checks the pin before every activation and has a range of approx. 25 meters so you always have line of sight safety to make sure that there are no obstructions before operating iOpener!

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Download the app and install on your Smartphone, the app finds and connects your iOpener, enter the set up pin code in the Bluetooth menu and that’s all there is to it! Note that after the initial set up you must change your pin to one of your own for added security!

Unlike most other systems there are no complicated set up procedures, no monthly fees and you do not require an internet connection!

No Network Required!

No Wifi in your garage? No Problem, The iOpener does not need a network.

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Uses Standard Bluetooth Technology

The iOpener uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone, which is simple and familiar to set up. All you need is your Android Smartphone. Download the App, install and follow the simple onscreen instruction to pair your phone to your iOpener. iOpener has a normal operating range of approx. 25 meters (80 feet), supports up to 8 users for each iOpener and is pin protected for your added security with your own choice of 4 – 16 digit pin that can be changed at any time. Line of sight operation ensures safety!

Works With Any Android Smartphone

iOpener works with all Android Smartphones or Tablets with Bluetooth installed. Pair up to 8 devises for added convenience.

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Works with Your Existing Garage Door or Gate Opener

Works with your existing Garage Door opener, Gate Opener and most low voltage devises that have a 2-wire control connection. Can be installed anywhere close to a mains power outlet. Existing transmitters and other controls will continue to work. iOpener adds the convenience of using your Smartphone as a multi functional control that can replace the need for up to 8 Transmitters, digital entry pads, push buttons and key switches or any combination of these.

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Questions? We Have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is there an iPhone version?

The iOpener for the iPhone will be avialable Summer 2014

 Can iOpener tell if my
          garage door is open?

We are hoping to add that as a feature in future releases, but the current version can not.

 What version of Android
          does iOpener support?

iOpener supports 2.2 and above.

 How secure is the iOpener?

You select a pin of your own choice between 4 - 16 digits that you can select when pairing your phone to the iOpener, to ensure that only the phones and devices you want can open your door.

 Are there recurring

No! The iOpener has no recurring fees or subscritions.

 Do I have to pay for the
          smartphone app?

No. The app is free with purchase of the iOpener. You can download it from Google Play.

BlueTech Autotation and iOpener are registered trademarks. The iOpener and iOpener smartphone application are patent pending.